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We Brussels people are all ‘zinnekes’, and proud of it!

‘Zinneke’ is but one of many nicknames people from Brussels are given. ‘Zinneke’ means … mongrel. Yes, by all means call us Zinnekes, mongrels, for it is an honorary title that reflects our mentality in a nutshell. Blood from all over the world runs through our Brussels’ veins, and much like all mongrels we like roaming all over the city, eager to sniff out pleasant encounters. The motley nature of Brussels is what really excites us time and again.

Since May 2000 every two years the Zinneke-parade marches through the streets of Brussels. It is an immense, state-of-the-art parade that is prepared for months in all corners of the city by young and old people, white and coloured people, men and women. The apotheosis of this intense teamwork is the Zinneke-parade, which sets the city alight, makes it buzz with ‘zinnergy’. Zinnergy is the positive energy that is released precisely through and thanks to the peaceful coexistence of so many different people from so many different cultures. It is this coexistence that makes Brussels brim over with energy.

This city is full of opportunities! That is the philosophy the Zinneke B&B wants to pass on to its guests. Join us, zinnekes, in our restless roaming of Brussels’ roads and enjoy the myriad of things on offer.


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